Friday, 19 October 2007

Good News

Hi Everyone,
The surgery to Jonathan's right lung went well. The doctor took out the 2 cancer nodules and the pathologist is determining if the cancer cells are alive or dead. I feel like Jonathan has gone through so much that my goodness, it's about time he gets a break. The cancer really has to be dead and scar tissue in his lungs. His oncology doctor has already told me that she really does not want to radiate his lungs because if they do the heart is in the way and they cannot avoid radiating his heart if they do the lungs. The combination of his chemo meds that he has taken and the radiation will most likely give him chronic heart problems going forward.

The recovery for Jonathan's lung operation is much more painful than the whipple procedure that he had 3 weeks ago. The reason for this is due to the position of his incisions. While I know that this is not funny, those of you who know Jonathan will understand why it made me smile and kind of laugh inside. Once Jonathan was moved to the recovery room he was in a lot of pain. He kept yelling that the pain was a 10 and that he was having a "heart attack". It is soooo Jonathan to surprise me with what he says. I didn't even know that he knew the word heart attack.

The nurses on the 4th floor all think that he is a genius. The other night a nurse named Rochelle came into the room and said, "Who's your friend there"? My girlfriend had bought him a stuffed puppy dog that day. Jonathan looked over to the nurse and said, "It's just a stuffed animal." The nurse said she almost peed in her pants when he said that.

Anyway, my son Jonathan still amazes me with his strength and wit. There's a lot to learn from little children!

Take care and hope to see everyone soon.

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