Friday, 12 October 2007

Support for Jonathan

Hi friends and family

I am racing in the New York Mayor's Cup, a kayak race around Manhattan this Sunday. I have a personal reason for racing.

Jonathan is 3 years old boy who is diagnosed with cancer a year ago. He is related to me. He underwent chemotherapy and other extensive treatments. A week and half ago, he underwent an extensive surgery removing part of pancrea. He is now fighting a spread in his lungs.

It has been a long fight. Cancer is becoming a common place and according to one study, it will triple in next ten years. For many reasons, our environments and genetics don't work together.

I decided to race in his name. If you could be kind enough to send "get well" wish email to his address, that would be great. On the race day, I plan to do a few group shots and send him pictures.

Here are his pictures a year ago.

We made an email address; jonathanbeatcancer @ gmail . com
Remove spaces.

Feel free to emails. I am sure his family and he will appreciate that.

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