Friday, 12 October 2007

Webmaster Chalu Kim

My name is Chalu Kim. Jonathan is the nephew of my sister-in-law, Sunhee. That makes me a distant uncle. I got to him a few times over family gatherings. He was a normal kid bumping into things.
He is my sister-in-laws' nephew. In Korean customs, Jonathan calls me
uncle. I grew up with lots of big father, small father, big uncle, small
uncle and all sorts of aunts. It is like having many many god fathers
and god mothers.

Please feel free to send my original message to your friends and family.
I am sure his family and he will appreciate it great deal.

More than anything, random acts of compassion by strangers are the best
gifts. I have been saved by them before.

What struck me was Jonathan is younger of two boys like me and my own brother. Their ages are close like ours.
Starting late last year, I was diagnosed a knee problem bad enough to get a surgery. We waited to see if it worsens. I hobbled nearly 5 months doing exercises. It is hard going up and down subway steps. Earlier this year, I started learning kayaking. Kayaking helped me build up muscles around my left knee. So, I had my homework and the New York Mayor's Cub race is a way for me to highlight my own recovery as well as Jonathan's recovery.

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