Friday, 9 October 2009

Good Bye Jonathan!

I heard a sad news of his passing.

He is no longer with us. I remember surprised earlier this year seeing him again; a robust and active child. I stopped myself from thinking about his continual battle against the spread of cancer. I stole many glimpses of him at the family gathering and was amazed by him. If I were him, can I be that brave? It is humbling. He continued with the regimentation of surgeries and treatments. I think about all these children battling cancers.

He was a brave little boy who had pre-natal cancer. From my researches, his condition was not well understood but on the increasing trend. I read about pre-natal surgery to remove cancer of a fetus.

I am looking back and think that it is amazing he lived this long and with enormous energy. I will remember him, an amazing and brave boy. I am so amazed and moved by his life.

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